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 Winnie is enjoying her home with us at HaTikva.


 Health information:

  Hips - OFA Certified Good (CA-472G24F-VPI)

  Elbows - OFA certified normal (CA-EL139F24-VPI)

  Patella - OFA certified normal (CA-PA83/24F/P-VPI)

  Thyroid - OFA certified normal (CA-TH88/24F-VPI)

  Eyes - OFA certified normal (CA-EYE4/24F-PI)

  Degenerative Myelopathy - OFA certified Normal (CA-DM22/6F-PI)

  CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) # 87008


4/21/13 28 months

Winnie finished her UKC Championship by going Best of Breed and Group 2 at show 1 on 4/21/13.


1/27/13 25 months


                                                     Nutmeg (l), Winnie (r)


8/17/12 20 months

Winnie was Reserve Best Female at the ICDCA National Specialty in Collins, MO.  Also, Nutmeg (l) and Winnie (r) were best Brace.


7/26/12 19 months

Winnie had a blast showing in the Champion class at the CDCA Specialty in Greenville, SC


Winnie (l) and Nutmeg (r) competed in the the largest Brace class that we've seen and came away the winning team with a first place!


Winnie with one of her favorite people

waiting for her turn in the show ring


Winnie (l) and Nutmeg (r)



7/14/12 18 months

Winnie completing her AKC Championship by going Best of Opposite Sex at the Duluth Kennel Club show on 7/14/12.


4/29/12 16 months

Winnie candid shots from the group ring.  Winnie went Best of Breed (over a Champion) for 2 points on this day in Marshalltown, IA.



1/25/12 13 months

Winnie and Nutmeg had fun playing outside today.


Winnie (l), Nutmeg (r)  


1/07/12 12 months

Winnie and Nutmeg had fun playing with their good pal Sofie.


Winnie (l), Nutmeg (r)                                                   Winnie (l), Nutmeg (r)


11/21/11 11 months

Winnie earning her 1st AKC CH point


7/21/11 7 months

Winnie and Nutmeg went to training and had fun.  Photos are courtesy of 8yr old photographer, Sofie.


5/01/11 4 months

Winnie and Nutmeg are enjoying a spring day.


    (r) Winnie            Winnie giving high 5    


2/21/11 9 weeks

Winnie and Nutmeg are loving the snow.


2/20/11 9 weeks

Today, the pups went to the Des Moines, IA dog show.  They all did great for their fist dog show experience with all the action and all the noises.



Mowgli's human mom & grandma with Mowgli's babies

(l) Nutmeg, (top r) Winnie (bottom r) Bolt



2/06/11 7 weeks

                             Winnie (Cherrysh HaTikva Moonlight Serenade) is staying with us at HaTikva


2/03/11 7 weeks

Today the pups went through the Monks of New Skete puppy testing.  A huge thank you to Keith and Cheryl Shank for their help.




1/26/11 6 weeks (minus 1 day)

Today the pups went to the vet for their first vaccinations.  The photos below are courtesy of the fantastic staff at Hopkins Pet Hospital who not only provided the camera and the photographer, but also emailed these photos to us.  




Below are a few photos captured by my cell phone camera.



1/23/11 5 weeks




1/18/11 4 weeks


Tonight, the pups enjoyed romping around our living room and socializing with their friends, old and new.






1/17/11 4 weeks




1/12/11 27 days

Please note that these photos were taken in the evening with no flash to protect the pups' eyes.




1/8/11 23 days

                                         solid food...yum!


1/6/11 3 weeks




1/4/11 19 days


  pups in a crate            the girls 

                           (l-r) Winnie, Nutmeg


12/29/10 13 days



sweet Diamond                         the babies                  (l-r) Checkers & Winnie                     Winnie 


12/23/10 7 days


                 teal collar girl                         

             baby name: Winnie 


12/19/10 3 days


Diamond & babies                 teal collar girl                     


12/16/10 day 1


Diamond & babies     all the babies      teal collar girl  


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