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   Yogi is enjoying his great home in Berlin, Maryland.


10/13/09 5 months


09/09/09 4 months

Yogi watching tv


07/12/09 8 weeks

Yogi is enjoying his new home in MD.  I think that he

       may want to be a police officer when he grows up.



07/05/09 7 weeks

The pups had a wonderful time at the ICDCA Specialty weekend in OH.  They got to play with new friends, 9 1/2 week old Gemari puppies.



Here are some photos of the pups playing at the show.  Most of these photos were taken by our expert photographer, Sofie.

  (l-r) Bear, Yogi    (l-r) Neeka, Bear,    (l-r) Yogi, Neeka,   (l-r) Neeka, Bear,

                                Yogi, Rory            Rory, Bear             Yogi, Rory


                            (l-r) Bear, Neeka


06/30/09 7 weeks




06/28/09 6 weeks


We had a request to get a family portrait of the pups with their parents.  Well...it wasn't as easy as it would seem.  We first let everyone loose in the backyard and couldn't get everyone in one shot.  So, then we tried putting Simba and Libby on leashes and letting the pups come to them.  We will be taking more photos tomorrow when we go to get the puppy aptitude test done.

    Yogi in front          Rory in front         sweet kisses        Yogi in front      Rory climbing on Simba


06/24/09 6 weeks



                           (l-r) Neeka, Yogi      (t-b) Yogi, Rory


06/17/09 5 weeks



06/14/09 4 weeks

   (l-r) Neeka, Yogi, Rory, Pooh              pups with a        (l-r) Yogi, Pooh    (l-r) the boys with                 

                                                               friend              Neeka in back            Neeka


 (l-r) Yogi, Neeka    (l-r) Pooh, Rory


06/11/09 4 weeks

 (l-r) Pooh, Yogi    (t-b) Neeka, Pooh  Rory self-stacking



        Yogi - he really enjoyed exploring the outdoors


06/06/09 3 weeks


                          Yogi with friends


Earlier this week, the pups had lots of fun playing with friends and learning to eat solid food.


pups with a friend     pups eating              girls eating



05/31/09 2 weeks


The puppies are growing and starting to show their charming personalities.  They have even started playing, growling, and barking.  Our kids gave the puppies baby names: Rory (short for Aurora Borealis), Neeka (in honor of Neeko, a raccoon in Pocahontas), Pooh bear, and Yogi bear.



        Yogi Bear (brown collar boy)


05/26/09 2 weeks



                 brown collar boy 

The pups now have their eyes open and have started learning how to walk.  They are comical as they wobble around.  The photos were taken without flash so as to not bother the babies' sensitive eyes.


05/22/09 day 11


                            brown collar boy   (l-r) pink, red, brown


05/19/09 day 8




05/17/09 day 6




05/14/09 day 3




05/13/09 day 2


05/12/09 day 1

Brown collar boy: born 1:35pm, weighing 0.9lb.






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