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02/10/08 3 months


As usual, the pups loved playing with Simba.  Simba is amazing with these guys.



                                                          pups listening to Grandma Mira



01/10/08 13 weeks

The pups having fun in the snow with Libby and Simba.


There are more photos of the pups playing with Simba on Simba's page


01/10/08 10 weeks

The pups having fun with Libby and Simba.




12/30/07 9 weeks

The pups love playing with Simba and Libby outside.  They watch as Simba and Libby play and then try to mimic it by playing themselves.  Sometimes, they join in the fun with the big dogs who are always gentle with the youngsters.  Mira does not participate in this activity as she does not appreciate the youngsters being too wild.  She enjoys mothering them when they are well behaved and calm (usually when they are tired).



12/26/07 8 weeks

The pups had a great time playing in the snow today.  They also explored an agility tunnel for the first time.  Once the pups checked out the tunnel, Goldie grabbed it with her teeth and dragged it around the yard for fun.  The pups enjoyed hopping like bunnies through the deep snow.  It was tough getting good photos as the pups wouldn't stop long enough for me to take the picture.  All photos this week are labeled left-to-right.


 Sputnik & Goldie  Sputnik, Goldie, Johnny  Sputnik, Johnny, Goldie   Sputnik & Johnny   Sputnik & Johnny


 Sputnik with Libby & Simba     Johnny & Goldie    Goldie & Johnny    Goldie, Sputnik, Johnny


12/16/07 7 weeks

Today we took the puppies to visit their daddy, Jake, and to perform the Monks of New Skete Puppy Aptitude Test.

We would like to thank Keith and Cheryl Shank, Jake's owners and wonderful people, for facilitating the test. 

We would also like to thank Cathi Oskow of Mazel Tov Canaans for doing a great job at administering the test.


proud papa Jake patiently waiting for his babies to be tested



        Goldie and Sputnik hanging out with Cheryl


12/02/07 5 weeks


Simba loves playing with the puppies...and they love playing with him too


11/24/07 4 weeks


   the Three Musketeers           Simba with Goldie

 (l-r) Johnny, Goldie, Sputnik


11/21/07 day 25


Simba came to visit the pups this morning.  He gave lots of kisses to Goldie and mama Libby.

Even though Simba is a puppy himself at nearly 15 months, he is very sweet and gentle around the babies.


11/20/07 day 24


pups trying solid food for the first time

       (l-r) Johnny, Goldie, Sputnik



later, Libby helped the pups finish their solid food

while the pups tried to get a few extra sips of milk


11/18/07 day 22


(l-r) Sputnik, Johnny    (l-r) Sputnik, Goldie     


11/14/07 day 18



11/11/07 day 15


                   proud mama and her babies


11/08/07 day 12


   the boys playing (l-r) Sputnik, Johnny


11/06/07 day 10


 Goldie with Sputnik - just hanging out


10/27/07 day 1



Libby with her three babies


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