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Johnny is loving his home in Potomac, MD.


07/18/09 1 years


09/23/08 nearly 11 months in MD



09/10/08 10 months




07/18/08 8 months


Johnny was Best Male at the ICDCA Specialty. 

Johnny also helped his mother, Libby, earn the Best Brood Bitch title in tough competition (pictured l-r Libby, Johnny, and Goldie).


06/12/08 7 months



05/04/08 6 months


Johnny received Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Winners male (this was his second time shown).  Afterwards, Johnny got to hang out with his good friends Keith and Cheryl.


05/03/08 6 months

First time shown, Johnny received 1st 6-9mo puppy at the Midwest Canaan Dog Club Regional Specialty

photo courtesy of Logan from Midsummer Canaans


04/15/08 5 months



03/06/08 4 months


Johnny went to a Conformation class and really enjoyed it.  His tail, as usual, did not stop wagging.  Also, his adult teeth are coming in and so his right ear has been up and down during the teething process...it's already coming back up.  Johnny continues to make friends everywhere he goes.


02/10/08 3 months


                           with Grandma Mira             playing with Simba               listening to mama   running w/Goldie


01/27/08 13 weeks - 3 months old today



01/20/08 12 weeks


Johnny loved being at the Central Iowa show.  His tail never stopped wagging.  He gave kisses to new friends (both human and canine).


01/14/08 11 weeks



01/06/08 10 weeks

Today, the pups went to their very first dog show.  They got to hear and see lots of new things.



12/30/07 9 weeks




12/26/07 8 weeks



12/24/07 8 weeks



12/16/07 7 weeks

Today we took the puppies to visit their daddy, Jake, and to perform the Monks of New Skete Puppy Aptitude Test.


Johnny was very charming and adventurous.  Johnny also enjoyed cuddling with everyone (shown here with Cathi).

Johnny is a very nice show prospect who is even tempered, sweet, and very well structured.


12/10/07 6 weeks


Johnny loved the whole experience so much that his tail never stopped wagging


12/02/07 5 weeks



11/24/07 4 weeks


11/20/07 day 24



11/18/07 day 22


11/14/07 day 18


11/11/07 day 15



11/08/07 day 12



11/06/07 day 10



11/03/07 day 7 - 1 week old!


10/30/07 day 3



10/27/07 day 1


Black collar boy: born 1:00pm, weighing 1lb


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