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 Goldie is enjoying her wonderful home in Adamstown, Maryland.


01/28/09 15 months



10/01/08 11 months



08/21/08 9 months

Goldie in her new MD home.


05/03/08 6 months

First weekend shown, Goldie received 1st 6-9mo puppy at the Midwest Canaan Dog Club Regional Specialty

photo courtesy of Logan from Midsummer Canaans


04/15/08 5 months



03/06/08 4 months


Goldie went to a Conformation class and really enjoyed it.  On the down and back, when returning to the instructor, she literally would jump up trying to jump into the instructor's arms...it was very charming.


02/10/08 3 months


                            playing w/Simba     running w/Johnny                       w/Grandma Mira


01/27/08 13 weeks - 3 months old today



Goldie with her favorite big dog, Simba



01/20/08 12 weeks


Goldie enjoyed being at the Central Iowa show.


01/14/08 11 weeks



01/06/08 10 weeks

Today, the pups went to their very first dog show.  They got to hear and see lots of new things.



12/30/07 9 weeks



12/26/07 8 weeks



12/24/07 8 weeks



12/16/07 7 weeks

Today we took the puppies to visit their daddy, Jake, and to perform the Monks of New Skete Puppy Aptitude Test.


Goldie was her cute self and showed great potential for working ability.


12/10/07 6 weeks


Goldie liked the stacking and the people, but she especially loved nibbling on the cheese


12/02/07 5 weeks



11/24/07 4 weeks


                            Simba with Goldie       tired Goldie


11/20/07 day 24



11/14/07 day 18



11/11/07 day 15



11/08/07 day 12



11/06/07 day 10



11/03/07 day 7 - 1 week old!



10/30/07 day 3


we don't know how Goldie did it, but she got on the bench

in the whelping box (4" off the floor) and fell asleep


10/27/07 day 1


White collar girl: born 11:45am, weighing 1lb


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