2007 Litter

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2007 litter photos


Below are the proud parents as well as the pedigree.


                                        Jake                                                              Libby




AKC/UKC CH Cherrysh Midnite AtThe Oasis CGC, TD, CDCA HC, ICDCA VC

Multi CH Barak Me Shaar Hagai ROMX Israel Ch. Bazak me Shaar Hagai
International, Israel Champion Bat me Shaar Hagai
Ziva Me Shaar Hagai ROM IsrCh Tashbetz me Shaar Hagai
IsrCh Kesem me Shaar Hagai


AKC/UKC CH HaTikva Cherrysh The Dream CDCA HC

AKC CH CHF Ezra Taft Benson Israel CH Shavit me Shaar Hagai
AKC CH Dvash me Shaar Hagai
AKC/ UKC CH Cherrysh Mi Corazon Miracle CDCA HC AKC/UKC CH Kochav Ole me Shaar Hagai CD
AKC CH Cherrysh Asherah




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