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Meva and Sparky's babies whelped September 8, 2015.

2015 Meva Litter information

12 months old

Here are a few photos from the CDCA Specialty in Romulus NY.  Photos by Tom Nutting.


       Thor                        Thor                    Penny 

Best in Sweeps       Winners Dog/        Best of Opposite

                            Best of Winners          in Sweeps


Thor earning his CDCA-HC 


10 months old

Here are a few photos from the ICDCA Specialty in Collins, MO.


         Thor                      Penny                    Cora


2 months old

The two girls from this litter will remain at HaTikva.  The two boys have gone to their forever homes.


Here are our girls:


                       Cora                                                      Penny

 HaTikva Kismet Mi Corazon De Oro        HaTikva Kismet My Lucky Penny


Below are photos of Cora and Penny playing with Turmeric (black pup), Molly (black girl) and Nutmeg (cream girl)


Here is Thor in his new home in OH.  Thor is co-owned by Treasure Knoll Canaans and HaTikva.


HaTikva TK Kismet Magnificent Thor


Stan Lee is now in his new home in MD.  Stan Lee now lives with Goldie, a pup out of our 2007 litter.


Stan Lee before      Stan Lee with Goldie

he left for MD

 HaTikva Kismet Marvelous Stan Lee


7 weeks old

We would like to thank Cathi Oskow of Mazel Tov Canaans for doing the puppy testing for this litter.



               Thor                                                       Stan Lee



                     Penny                                                 Cora



The girls relaxing with a friend after the puppy testing.


5 weeks old


                                        Thor                                                       Stan Lee



                                    Penny                                                                     Cora



19 days old


        Thor                   Stan Lee              Penny                  Cora



5 days old


    Cora        (l-r) Thor, Stan Lee           Penny             (l-r) Cora, Penny              Thor              Thor & Stan Lee


2 days old


 Cora, Thor, Stan Lee      Penny                 Stan Lee


1 day old

                 (l-r) Cora, Thor, Stan Lee (aka Stanley), Penny



                                   the boys                  the girls

                           (l) Thor/(r) Stanley       (l) Cora/(r) Penny


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