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Nutmeg and Later's babies whelped September 14, 2015.

2015 Nutmeg Litter information


2 months old

Three of the four pups have gone to their forever homes.


Ketziah (formerly Cinnamon) is enjoying life with her new family in CT.  Ketziah shares her home with Shiloh who is from our 2010 litter. She also has a wonderful buddy and trainer named Shira.

                               HaTikva Sweet Ketziah


Here is Pepper in his new home in OH.  Thor is co-owned by Treasure Knoll Canaans and HaTikva

HaTikva TK Sweet Victory Melech


Atlas (formerly Basil) is enjoying his new home in MN.  Atlas shares his home with a lovely mix named Leena.

                        HaTikva Sweet Atlas


Turmeric is patiently awaiting until he is old enough to fly to France and join the Solemel crew.



Below are photos of Turmeric playing with our two puppies: Cora (cream with white trim) and Penny (white with red spots) and also the adults: Molly (black girl) and Nutmeg (cream girl, Turmeric's dam)




5 1/2 weeks


                    Pepper                                             Turmeric       



                             Basil                                  Cinnamon



pups playing with mama Nutmeg and big sister Molly



Cinnamon - thank you to Keith Shank for taking these photos



4 weeks + 1 day old


                     Pepper                                             Turmeric       



                              Basil                                                                      Cinnamon



13 days old


        Pepper               Turmeric                    Basil              Cinnamon


10 days old


1 day old

(clockwise from top) Pepper, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Basil


1st day



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