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   Ashra is enjoying her great home in Atlanta, Georgia.


08/30/08  11 weeks old



08/20/08  10 weeks old

This past week, Pinkie (aka "Ashra") went to GA.  



08/13/08  9 weeks old

                                  Pinkie (aka Ashra)                                     



08/03/08  7 weeks old


07/30/08  7 weeks old

We would like to thank our friend Cathi Oskow (Mazel Tov Canaans) for performing the puppy testing at her home.  The puppies did well, even though some of them were tired by the time it was their turn.

Pinkie will make a great pet with the potential for some obedience/performance work.




07/27/08  6 weeks old




07/23/08  6 weeks old


             Cream girl ("Pinkie Pie")             movie: "My Little Pony



07/13/08  4 weeks old


 The pups enjoyed playing outside.




07/06/08  3 weeks old


    Cream girl        



06/26/08  day 15 - 2 weeks old


06/18/08  day 7 - 1 week old!


    Cream girl


06/11/08 day 1


Proud Mama with her babies

(you can see the look of satisfaction on Mira's face)



Cream girl - 7/8lb - whelped at 9:00pm



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