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"Flower" also known as "Sumsum"

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   Flower is enjoying her new home in Newton, MA.


12/16/10  30 months old



11/18/10  29 months old



09/12/10  27 months old

Flower waiting for breakfast...she loves to eat it in her crate.

Flower being cute while hanging out in the family room.


Flower (r) loved playing with her sire, Simba (l) .



04/23/10  22 months old

Sofie and Flower were being silly at the hotel in Waterloo, IA during the 2010 MCDC Regional Specialty weekend.


02/14/10  21 months old

Flower (r) loved playing in the snow with her sire, Simba (l).


07/19/09  13 months old

                                  Flower enjoyed playing with her niece, Rory.


05/03/09  10 months old

Flower during the CDCA National Specialty weekend at the Olympia Resort in WI.


Flower also got to hang out with her mother, Mira.


Flower enjoyed herding sheep.


04/19/09  10 months old

Flower earned Bred-By-Exhibitor GROUP 2.


01/18/09  7 months old

Flower earned 2 points by going Best Of Winners.


12/07/08  5 months old

Flower is a sweetheart who gets along well with our other dogs.


Flower's favorite playmate is her sire, Simba.


09/10/08  13 weeks old


Flower had fun just hanging out with Kade this evening.


09/07/08  12 weeks old


                  Flower - she is our little princess and is staying with us



08/31/08  11 weeks old



08/20/08  10 weeks old



08/13/08  9 weeks old



08/03/08  7 weeks old




07/30/08  7 weeks old

We would like to thank our friend Cathi Oskow (Mazel Tov Canaans) for performing the puppy testing at her home.  The puppies did well, even though some of them were tired by the time it was their turn.

Flower has stolen our hearts and will be staying with us.




07/27/08  6 weeks old




07/23/08  6 weeks old


          Flower Girl ("Flower")                       movie: "Bambi"





07/13/08  4 weeks old


 The pups enjoyed playing outside.




07/06/08  3 weeks old


    Flower Girl



06/26/08  day 15 - 2 weeks old


06/18/08  day 7 - 1 week old!


    Flower Girl




06/11/08 day 1


Proud Mama with her babies

(you can see the look of satisfaction on Mira's face)



Flower girl - 7/8lb - whelped at 5:08pm


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